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    My Dad is a WWII vet in an assisted living facility. In addition, we have a caregiver staying with him each night, to prevent falls. One caregiver (2 nights/week) was hired through a service, one is a private individual (5 nights/week) we hired on our own. It is the cost of the caregivers that pushes the situation over his income level. We do not want to create any problems for this individual by reporting this expense. As far as applying for VA benefits, in this situation are we just out of luck?
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    I'm confused. How does the cost of caregivers push your dad over his income level? I think I could be of more help if I better understood.
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    I think what OP was saying is that due to hiring the caregiver is what exceeds their father's income. With the number of Pensions that I have filed I have not had the VA or other agency come looking for taxes, etc from a privately paid caregiver. You will need to be able to provide receipts if the VA ever requests them for an audit but once you pay them it is their responsibility to report the income not yours. If I missed the mark please clear anything up so I can give you a better answer.
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    Matt 375 I have a similar problem I have been discussing with Kaylin on a separate thread. She has given me great info and advice and I was feeling confident until I read a post by someone who said we have to give the caregiver a 1099 and that the VA reports caregiver payment to the IRS. We have paid in cash which we are changing to a check now. I am not sure if our caregiver pays taxes but I am in agreement with you, that is her responsibility, not ours. What I think I am reading from you is that the other post regarding the 1099 and IRS reporting is not true, am I correct? Any advice? Thanks
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    Never had any issues with it and I've been doing this for about 5 years
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    Thanks, Matt. I am submitting forms tomorrow!
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