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    My mother-in-law (a veteran - not wartime, widow to veteran of Korean war) has recently become unable to live on her own. She cannot remember to eat or take medication. She has passed out and been found wandering in her housing complex. So, we moved her in with us. We have a special needs daughter and I honestly can't take on both of them for much longer. I'm now looking into all this for the first time. She has never applied for any benefits to our knowledge prior. So.....if she has no money (is actually in dept at the moment) and lives only on her SS check, month-to-month, how is she supposed to get the care she needs to "prove" she can't afford it? And how much over her SS check does she need to spend each month to prove this? I am at my wits end! Are there places that will take her on "credit" or do we need her to take out a loan to pay for this? Unless I've misunderstood, without this there is no need to even apply. (or is there something else we can apply for to assist her?) HELP PLEASE!
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    If Dad's service dates fall under an Approved Period of War, then as the surviving spouse, she would be eligible.

    She has to show that she is paying for care, so you may need to have her pay you or another family member. Basically the VA is looking to see where she is at the end of the month after paying for her care. Get her as close to zero as possible.

    When you say on "credit", if you are asking if a facility would take her with the promise of future payments, it's not likely. If you are looking to put monthly fees on a credit card, the facility would do that.

    It is a difficult situation to need the pension to pay for the care and can't qualify without paying for care, but you can work around this if you have her pay you. What you do with the money she pays you in offsetting her other "personal" expenses is up to your discretion.

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