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    Both of my surviving parents served in the military during WWII (Dad -Army; Mom -Coast Guard). I am trying to plan ahead. They are still living in their own home and are currently not receiving any services (their choice) and are very resistant to accepting any help, however, I know at some point in time, that is going to change. Would I need to fill out a separate application for each one of them? Do they need to be living in nursing home/assisted living or receiving services before I fill out an application?
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    One will have to complete the application as the veteran and claim the other as a dependent. They cannot file under their own right unless they are divorced or separated. I personally do not feel this is right but that is the way the regulations are written.

    If they are over the income limit, it would probably be best to wait until one or both goes into an assisted care facility or nursing home before filing.

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