Benefits though applicant has passed.

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    I filed for VA benefits for my mother in November of 2008. She passed away in April of 2009, before her application was decided. Debbie suggested Elder Resource Benefits Consulting. I contacted them and as a result filed for "Burial and Accrued Benefits" in July 2009. With their help, we received the 4 months of accrued benefits yesterday - despite the fact that she passed away before the VA had made a decision on her claim! Thought those of you waiting to hear on your claims might like to know there is recourse if the applicant passes away before the claim is settled.
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    Congratulations and thank you for taking the time to make this posting. So many people fail to realize that they are entitled to go after accrued benefits that were not paid prior to passing.

    We hope that this will help in closing the door on a very difficult time and allow you to feel that your dad's service was honored.
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    My Dad passed away 12/22/09. His accrued benefits were due to be paid, and I was going to be appointed the fiduciary (after one year in the system). Now the VA has told me that I cannot collect the accrued pension, that they will only pay for burial and reimburse me for the cemetery charges. How do I contact Elder Resource Benefits Counseling? Is there really a chance that I might be able to collect? I still owe a lot of money in Assisted Living rent for him that was predicated upon receipt of his A & A pension. Can you tell me what VA form # you used to apply? BTW, congrats on getting the pension! This has been a living hell for me, and I'm sure you can relate. Any help greatly appreciated.
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