Benefits for Spouse of Still-Living Vet?

Discussion in 'Eligibility Questions' started by Kendra2015, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Kendra2015

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    I'm looking into the Housebound benefit for my parents -- specifically my mother.

    My father is a Korean War Vet. My mother has never been in the military.

    Do these benefits apply to the spouse of a veteran only if the veteran is deceased?

    During my research I keep coming across verbiage like "Veteran or Surviving Spouse."

    Since it's my mother who is badly in need of assistance (a caretaker is needed) and my father is not able to fully care for her due to his own advanced age and medical issues, is it advisable to at least try to apply for benefits, or would a spouse of a living veteran never qualify, period?

  2. vetadmin

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    If your Mom's care expenses depletes their combined monthly incomes, then your Dad could file as a Vet with Ill Spouse.

    The max award on that level is $1406.00.
  3. Kendra2015

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