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    We mailed our application on Oct 21, 2014 and we received approval of benefits on Nov 21, exactly one month later. We applied via the Fully Developed Claim Program and the award payments were awarded effective Oct 28, 2014. One month was withheld pending a fiduciary appointment (as the VA has noted they want to declare the Veteran incompetent for VA purposes). The remaining monthly payments are set to be deposited at the end of each month to the bank account provided in the initial application starting in Dec.

    We replied today that we accept their finding of incompetence and desire to appoint a fiduciary. I will re-post once I have a response and interview so everyone can see how long this part of the process is currently taking them. Although if the direct deposits occur as stated it doesn't matter to me how long they take to officially appoint a fiduciary since the funds are being paid and only one month was withheld.

    Although I've read horror stories online about how difficult this process is - I've found it to be quite the opposite - especially since they are providing funds to the Veteran. I am shocked at the speed of response to date and the positive and helpful attitude of the people I've spoken with at the VA both in-person and via the phone who assisted us with completing the application properly. My experience with the VA differs completely from the folks at SS who I find to be much less competent and friendly. Of course everyone likely has different experiences.

    While I'm sure everyone's application is different and issues will arise on some I wanted to post to provide others with an alternate possibility if they have a somewhat simple case and are able to fill out the forms the way the VA requires.
  2. Congratulations, that is terrific news!! So happy for you!
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    Congratulations on getting through with no delays, no request for additional information and encountering helpful employees.!
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    Did you deal only with VA help?
    I have been given the name of someone
    By the assisted living and they said that they were
    Non profit. In my gut I have bad feelings.
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    Always trust your gut. If you are looking for a reliable resource to assist with filing, please email me here on the forums.
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    Great news! I will be checking into the FDC program. Did you have to send them all the copies of supporting documentation?
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    I wonder if the FDC claim program can be used for Spousal Benefits or just for Veterans Benefits. I was checking out the VA web and I am not sure.
    Thanks for any input.
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    Fully Developed Claim FDC is used for either the veteran or the spouse.

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