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    I filled out a Veterans Widows Assistance application 14 months ago for my mother who lives in an Assisted Living facility; she doesn't have more more money so my brother is paying her bills until she qualifies for Medicaid in two years. He met with someone from Veterans Affairs last week and said she might not qualify because since my brother is paying her bills, that qualifies as income. I told my brother that is ridiculous. My brother's congressman is assisting us here in New Jersey. We have a friend who applied at the same time and just got approved.
    Has anyone ever had a similar experience?
    Does anyone who in the Veterans Affairs office in Washington, DC I can contact via email?
    Does anyone know of a lawyer in New Jersey I can contact in case we have to appeal this decision?
    Thank you very much.
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    I sent you a private message regarding your post. Keep in mind you NEVER appeal the decision on this pension. If you do an appeal, you just bought yourself a minimum of 2++ years to get through that process.

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