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Discussion in 'Expenses' started by krissy, Nov 7, 2017.

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    We used the local VA office to file my grandparents application for aid and attendance. We received a letter back requesting some additional information such as interest income that wasn't reported that should have been, the city and state my grandparents were married in, completion of expected income that had been left blank (rather than indicating with $0), and to who the supplemental insurance coverage was paid. Not too much that they are requesting, but here's the catch. When they sent back the page from the application that has the income and expense items the VA office reported, I am seeing several errors.

    1. The social security income was reported NET not gross.
    2. The Medicare and Part D insurance expense reported was for the entire year and the amount reported for the ALF was only for the month, which no indication of one being annual and the other being monthly.
    3. I don't see where the supplemental insurance expense was reported at all, but yet they are asking who it was paid to?

    When I called the local VA Office to talk to the individual who filed the application, he said that he can see in the system that they have been approved for the full amount, pending the receipt of the requested information above. My dilemma is do I also give the VA the correct/clarifying information for income and expense when I send back what they requested? It will not make any difference in the amount they are approved for, I don't believe. But I hate to have the wrong information on file. (And rather than filing this request for additional information through the local VA office, I am doing it personally since it appears to have been done incorrectly by them initially).

    Any advice appreciated! Thank you!
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    Hello Krissy,
    If it were me, I would send back everything the VA requested and just resend the section on expenses with clear callout of what is monthly vs. yearly with the correct amounts and just see what happens. Since it looks like your mother is already going to receive the highest award amount no matter what - I don't think you need to worry about it too much. But I would at least want to cover my butt by resending the original medical expenses figures to make sure they have the correct info.

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