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    I am nearly ready to submit the A & A application for my father-in-law (Veteran) and his two dependents (disabled wife of 63 yrs and mentally disabled daughter). Medicare is their only source of income and they currently pay for an in-home caregiver. All I have left to do is have their doctor fill out form 21-2680. However, yesterday my father-in-law had a fall and broke his hip. He’s hospitalized and scheduled for hip surgery. If all goes well following the surgery he’ll go to 2 weeks of rehab then return home. Two questions:

    1. Should I wait and have the 21-2680 filled out after he gets home? (His wife and daughter are in desperate need already!) In other words, should I go ahead and file the application and the 21-2680 now with an explanation on his current status, or wait until his condition is stabilized? Or maybe just file the 21-4138 for now?

    2. Which doctor should fill out his form – regular doctor or attending physician at the hospital, surgeon, etc.?

    Thanks in advance for any help on this. The Forum has been such a HUGE help already in this process. :)
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    If the amount of care that is being paid out stays the same while he is in rehab, then you can file now. The expense has to reflect total care expenses as it would be with him back home.

    You can have the Dr fill out the 21-2680 since the hip is broke now, and all the other medical issues would be the same. Dont address the issue of rehab with an explanation. Keep it simple and to the point. Also keep in mind you will need these completed on the wife and disabled as well.

    Primary Dr should complete the 21-2680.

    I glad to know the site and forums have been helpful to you in this process. It is a lot to try and comprehend.

    Good Luck with it all.

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