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  1. lorigjohnston

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    So, if I am applying for A&A for both Mom and Dad.
    I need both
    VA Form 21-527EZ (For Veterans - Instructions Included)
    VA Form 21-534EZ (For Spouses - Instructions Included)?

    Can I mail them both together in one envelope?

    EDIT after Reading VA Form 21-534EZ (For Spouses) This sounds like you can only apply for spouse after death of veteran?? I am SOO confused
  2. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    It's one of the other. If filing for a veteran with spouse, use 21-527EZ.

    If filing for the widow of a veteran it's 21-534EZ.

    If filing for vet with spouse, you have to have a 21-2680 - Physician's Eval completed on both of them.

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