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  1. rivergirl

    rivergirl Newbie

    I am just about ready to send in my binder for A & A. I have included
    the following.
    -Application 21-534 This is for my grandmother who is widowed
    -Certified Discharge papers
    -Marriage license
    -Death certificate
    -Physicians statement 21-2680 as well as statement from eye doctor.
    -Care provider certification of services from the skilled care she just left. FV13
    -Statement from skilled care nurse that they provided for daily needs since fall.
    -Proof of payment to skilled care.
    -Attendant affidavit from caregiver who took over when she returned home
    last week.
    -Social Security benefit letter.
    -Income and expenses.
    -Form 4138 and 0845.
    -Cover letter asking to expedite due to age (93) and requesting
    back pay to the beginning of the skilled care in Sept. (I read there
    is a new rule where if there is proof you can sometimes get back pay)
    ---So does this look complete or is there too much?? And I have two questions:
    1. Do I need a bank statement. The VA hotline said no need, but I don't
    know if I trust that answer.
    2. Do I include life alert, depends, prescriptions, meals on wheels on expenses?
    OK one more...LOL...Does the 3 months in skilled care need to be listed
    under expenses or do they just want monthly recurring expenses starting with
    the caretaker check issued last week?
    Thanks soooo much!
  2. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds like you pretty much have everything in order.

    The VA is only looking at those reoccurring expenses. You can include the other items, but keep in mind they are not part of the decision process.

    The Liberalizing Law is where the applicant may be entitled to 12 months prior if it is shown that their expenses for care would have made them financially eligible prior to making application. This is not a guarentee. If she is eligible, the VA will let you know.

    Be sure to keep a complete copy of the entire application for your records, and mail Return Receipt. Look under the Tips and Resource tab here on the forums for the address of the correct Pension Center that handles her state.

    Good Luck with the process.
  3. rivergirl

    rivergirl Newbie

    Thanks!! Is it OK to turn it in without a bank statement.
    The VA hotline guy said it is not necessary. Thanks again!
  4. rivergirl

    rivergirl Newbie

    And one last thing...since she may qualify for
    the last several months with the liberalizing
    law, should I go ahead and fill out the 21-0516
    form that they seem to request after they
    receive applications, or wait for them to ask
    for it?
  5. VA Legal Team

    VA Legal Team Full Member

    As far as I know only veteran's are eligible for the liberalizing law. Unless something has changed, surviving spouse's are not.
  6. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    You would wait.

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