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max income

  1. when applying for both vet and wife that are disabled

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  2. income guide lines

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  1. Brenda

    Brenda Newbie

    What is the max. income I want to file for both my parents for aid and my father is 100% disabled and my mother is also disabled. What income do they count against them to qualify do they count all income including income from his vet. disablility. I know they will qualify medically. All I read is max 80 thousand in assets. They do not say max in monthly? Please Help?
  2. madlou

    madlou Newbie

    I think A&A with one dependent is $22,113 or less annually. You will need to give them information concerning all medical expenses (including monthly cost of nursing home or assisted living) and they will deduct those expenses from the income. Your father will qualify for A&A with an allowance for your mother. If he passes you will have to apply for A&A for your mother.

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