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    My story and current situation is not new to the demographics today, in fact 1 in 3 people today are over age 55, living alone and divorced or widowed after long marriages. This is my story. I married into my husband's army career in 1964, divorced 36 years later. His military career lasted 16 years with me at his side through 21 military necessitated moves, 2 kids and I want an answer as to why I will not be allowed to receive this benefit because we are now divorced. Even the social security department recognizes my right to have half of his social security if we were married over 20 years. So why can't I apply for and receive help from the VA.
    Can I open this discussion for all those who are in my same situation. Every year I meet more and more seniors that were divorced after long marriages with previous military and I want help in getting someone in the decision making position to explain why we can not get what others like ourselves, who went through what we did are entitled to. Please spread the word readers and get your friends and acquaintances to enter this discussion and give voice to our cause. I am 68 years old, living on $16,000 a year and my health may soon warrant even more costs that I can now ill afford. Someone please help people like me and get the VA to change eligibility to include someone like myself and maybe you too.
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    SS and VA benefits do not follow the same rules.

    It is very clear that this particular pension is for the veteran, veteran with spouse, or their widow.

    You are not considered his spouse, or his widow. If he remarried, then the new spouse would be considered as such, and would be entitled providing his dates of service are eligible.

    We cannot speak to the matter of how the VA rules or considers eligibility, and don't know if there are other benefits you may be entitled to, but as far as this pension goes, the divorce makes you ineligible.

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