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    I am a disabled veteran with 100% disability rating from VA. I am married and I also have a disabled dependent son. My son is covered by Veterans Administration, and is eligible for CHAMPVA. However, he uses Tri-Care for Life and Medicare for his medical insurance. My son has been disabled all of his life and uses a powered wheelchair for all activities. My wife and I provide all of his attendant care. My son has approximately $2000 in income from SSDI and a state disability plan. His approximate expenses are: $750 per month for a wheelchair accessible van, $320 a month for a driver for his vehicle, $112 a month for auto insurance, and $225 a month for the next three years for a hospital bed (which Medicare and Tri-Care for Life already paid their portion). There are other expenditures such as wheelchair repairs, but the expense is unknown until the event occurs. Because he is my son and my disabled dependent I am concerned for him about his future and his ability to stay at home or pay for expenses in a nursing home or a assisted living center. As he gets older he needs more help, and as we get older we can no longer provide his attendant care. My son is in his upper 40s and we are approaching 70s. I have two questions: as a disabled dependent of myself, could my son apply for and receive Aid and Attendance? Are there any other programs under the Veterans Administration that my son could benefit from?
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    I could not locate any information regarding 'aid & attendance' for your son. There is additional information for a spouse and dependent parent in need for 'aid & attendance'. I recommend that you contact the VA or your State Department of Veterans Affairs to confirm this information. I am not aware of any additional benefits available for your son through the VA.

    Sorry I could not be of more help to you.

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