Aid and Attendance Claim Question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oldvet66, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. vetadmin

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    Yes, they do count both incomes to determine financial eligibility.

    Let us know how it all turns out, and keep in mind if things change, and you do have to put Dad in care, that you should do a Statment in Support of Claim showing thoses expenses, so that he can get the award to offset the costs.
  2. vetwife

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    Our vet helper who filled out my husband's claim said pretty much all health expenses (out of pocket) for husband and wife are able to be used. Just as the income from both are counted. From what I have learned from reading posts on this website they will only deduct the recurring expenses in the initial award to avoid overpayment. in our case that is my health insurance since I am not yet Medicare age. Then you keep track of the irregular expenses during the year and put them on the EVR.

    This info is only gathered from reading. We have yet to be granted the award for my husband.
    We are almost at four months.
  3. Oldvet66

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    Thanks vetwife.

    They are going to make some calls tomorrow to find out about all this. I think I will go back to my normal job which is much easier than this VA stuff. lol
  4. vetwife

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    Yes it certainly is a difficult process.
    The forms are endless, and just when you think your getting somewhere, something new pops up!
    We are very blessed to have Debbie and this website. If we had to call the va for every question that comes up, we would never make it. Good Luck :)

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