Aid and Attendance approval on Ebenefit ?

Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by Rbush4u, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Rbush4u

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    Hello everyone this has been a interesting process. I thank this forum for helping me get thru the process. I have read all the post and this have helped me along the way. I have helped my husband who is a Korean war veteran get thru this process. We have now received a complete check thru ebenefits and is currently awaiting an decision/award letter. I started this process on September 30, 2015 and it completed on January 7, 2016. If I can help anyone with a little advice please stay on top of your paperwork to VA. Also send faxed, mailed and computer copies they do lose paperwork unfortunately.(make sure their ss# is at the very top of each page). I saw where he was rated 100% with dementia talked with my VSO and they state this was good news. However, I am still a tad bit nervous because I was reading where one could be approved but denied at the same time because of income. However, he is in need of full time assistance and is homebound and his care amount exceed his income. Now hopefully the fiduciary process starts and I don't know how long that will take once I receive the VA letter. I am praying that VA acknowledge that I am his legal guardian and by pass the process of fiduciary. I will keep everyone informed on this.

    :) :) :) :)You don't need all those solicitors to take advantage of your love ones. The moderator of this forum is a blessing! She will help you get thru the process just stay informed! Thank you!
  2. vetadmin

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    We are so glad to know that the site and forums helped you get through this application process, and thank you for sharing that with us.

    Please keep us posted on what you hear on the decision, and no you don't need all those solicitors!
  3. jmock1204

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    Thanks for posting this. I submitted my dad's application on 9/12/15. I thought I was moving along nicely, monitoring his app on eBenefits. Then I had to move him from PCH to skilled. He now lives at the SW Vets Center in Pittsburgh, which was a good move for him for health reasons. His status just went from pending decision approval back to gathering evidence because I didn't submit a new 779 to change the location of his nursing home.
    His status is now back to gathering of evidence (I immediately uploaded a new 779), with an estimated completion of 5/14-6/23. His disabilities claimed are now FDC (new) and NSC pen w/ SMP (new).
    There is also now a Rep for VA Claim: PA Dept of Military Affairs, (which I assume is someone from the home?)

    I turned to this forum for some moral support, I feel the VA is trying to have the claim outlive my father. I've drained his savings account to pay for the PCH, and now his income goes completely to the SW Center.
    I'm not sure what he will even be eligible for at this point.
  4. Kaylin

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    We are here to support you through this process, jmock1204. Unfortunately, with the eBenefits site if there are any changes made or documents added the application gets put back at the bottom of the pile. That is the main flaw with their site.

    I am glad you have an estimate as to when the application would be completely reviewed and the award letter be sent to you. What is your father's age? If he is over the age of 90, you can request his application be expedited. I do hope his award letter comes sooner rather than later. He certainly seems, by the story you have told, eligible for the complete award amount for Aid and Attendance.
  5. jmock1204

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    My dad is 82. His health was terrible when we took him out of the personal care home. in and out of the hospital every few weeks, he was barely eating, no energy, etc. Took him to the new home, and he is gaining weight, very active, etc. So I feel like I am making good choices for him, I just need to get this A&A complete so that I can breath a sigh of relief. It's the unknowing that makes me crazy. I have navigated the process on my own, not knowing at the time where to find support.
  6. Kaylin

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    Such wonderful news that his health is on the mend and he seems happier in his new home! That is always a blessing. As I said, we are here to support you with your questions and concerns and I hope your father is awarded A&A and the award letter from the VA arrives soon.
  7. jmock1204

    jmock1204 Newbie

    Status change today on eBenefits! We are now sitting in Prep for Notification. Is that a good sign? Estimated completion is 4/16 (my dad's birthday by the way) and 4/20. Fingers crossed.
  8. Kaylin

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    jmock1204 we are hoping for the best as well!
  9. jmock1204

    jmock1204 Newbie

    Well that was quick, yesterday status was Preparing for Notification, today it is closed. Does anybody have any insight on what is next? Is closed good, bad, or neither? Is there more paperwork to finish this? Thanks for any help and support.
  10. tanya0090

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    Jmock - from what I have read on this website I think it's kinda good. Hopefully you'll be able to confirm shortly an approval. Worst-case, you'll know what is needed in an effort to get approved. Of course, I suppose it could be denied - but we aren't going to claim that at all. I really think it's good news.

    I've read some where that you can go and look at the letters in ebenefits or even the past payments amounts to get some kinda idea. And I've read of people calling the 1-800 number and checking the monthly payment amount. Some people say this info is available immediately after being complete - for others it's the next day. Of course the main confirmation will be the award letter from VA.

    My dad's claim has been sitting in Prep for Notification since Friday after moving pretty swiftly through all the other stages. Needless to say my nerves are shot and I am so anxious to see the word "complete".

    I truly hope everything works out well. This is a stressful and tiring process but I'm prayerful the award in the end will make it all worthwhile.

    *Good Luck*
  11. vetadmin

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    You should be getting a decision letter any time now. Fingers crossed for good news!
  12. jmock1204

    jmock1204 Newbie

    I got the big brown envelope today!!! It seems like all of his retro-pay was withheld, I think this is because he is considered incompetent??? Please don't let him read that. It looks like I need to start the fiduciary process? Any experience here or words of advice would be appreciated. It says that payments start on the first of the month for the prior month. does this mean that on May 1 he will receive his award for April?
  13. Kaylin

    Kaylin Hero Member Staff Member

    Woohoo! Congratulations! That is excellent news that the hard part is over. :) Yes, the fiduciary process is next. You can read more about it in a blog post I created about the topic here:

    As for the payment for May 1st, that does seem correct. If he was awarded in April (which he was), then that seems correct.
  14. jmock1204

    jmock1204 Newbie

    Thanks, the information was exactly what I was looking for!
  15. vetadmin

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    Be sure to send in the 21-4138 with the statement provided on the site waiving the 60 day window to dispute their ruling of mental incompetency. No need to wait an additional 60 days.

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