A and A vs Pension Error Need advice

Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by RoadAhead, May 18, 2015.

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    Well, things had been pretty smooth. Dad received both his pension and A and A. We chose to take care of him at home rather than a facility.

    Surprisingly they increased his total award to the maximum $1788. I was excited - however NOW concerned that they have miscalculated - giving the increase to standard pension not to the A and A award.

    Not sure what to do because this will cause a Medicaid recalc, cancel his home health payments and the food assistance he needs. The VA increase will be a small amount compared to what we could stand to lose.

    Ideas how to clarify what they have done? or to deal with the wreckage?
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    What is it that you think the VA miscalculated?

    If his expenses for care bring his income down to where he is eligible for the max of the award, then they probably did not miscalculate.

    When you say his "pension", what pension is that?

    Medicaid does have separate thresholds on income, and unfortunately, we do not deal with Medicaid issues as they are too variable, and are different in every state.

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