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    I got involved in the aid and assistance process last September. My 92 year old mother had to move to assisted living. I was sure she qualified for the benefit based on her income. I did as much research as I could before submitting the forms. I live in Virginia and actually used the Virginia Department of Veterans Services which had a location at the nearby VA hospital in Richmond. They assisted with the answering of questions and how to fill out certain portions of the forms. This website (veteranaid.org) help to identify which forms and supporting documents I needed before I submitted my FDC. I completed all of the forms with as much information as I could before meeting with the VDVS rep. This allowed the rep to input the information to the electronic transfer forms without delay. Once the proper forms were filled out and supporting documentation arranged the whole FDC was sent electronically. I was given the copies to go with my handwritten samples to keep in the event something was lost or misplaced. I had no such problem. After about 3 weeks I got confirmation the FDC had been received. For the next 4 months I received 3 letters indicating that they (Philadelphia) were still working on the claim. In February I got the award letter for the amount I felt she deserved. I then started the fiduciary process right away with the Statement in Support of Claim form. I was informed of the role of the Department of Veterans Services from someone from another state who used the same resource there. I can only tell you from my experience that they were very helpful here. I would be willing to answer any questions that I could in reference to the forms and supporting documentation. Hope this helps someone.

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    These are the types of stories we love to hear on the VeteranAid forums. Thank you for sharing your experience and also being willing to help others with their questions and applications!

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    My mom is 65 and is the surviving spouse of a veteran who served during war time. My dad's discharge was "Under conditions other than honorable". Her income and lack of assets helps her to qualify. I'm worried with my dad's discharge, there may be an issue. Have you ever heard anything about discharge status making an impact?

    Also, have you heard of needing to hire an attorney? I've been referred to the Patriot Angels, and they need $800 to retain an attorney to help with the paperwork.

    Last note, my mom has Alzheimer's, but is in the early stages. She's able to live alone. She can not drive any more, and I handle her finances. I don't think we should apply just yet, but this disease is tricky and there's no time-line to follow-- so there's no telling when she'll need more care than I can offer her. Should I go ahead and start the process? Should I go ahead and file for Fiduciary before hand, or is that something i have to do afterwards?

    I know that I've thrown out a lot of questions, and you may not know the answers to all or any of them, but any help/advise you may have to offer would be much appreciated!
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    Unfortunately if your father did not have an honorable discharge, your mother would not qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit.

    Also, we do not recommend Patriot Angels. We have heard of them before. Anybody who tries to charge you for help with becoming eligible for or applying for the Aid and Attendance benefit is trying to take advantage of you. There should be absolutely no charge involved.

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