A & A if in a Federal VA Home?

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    My dad is classified as 100% disabled and gets monthly income from the VA. He is now at a FEDERAL Veterans VA Home because of Dementia. Since he is 100%, the VA does not take any money for him to reside at the VA home.

    However, we felt it is necessary to hire our own private aid to assist in taking him to the dining room for meals, recreation, companionship.

    Can I apply for Aid and Attendance? I read somewhere that if a Veterans resides in a STATE VA home, we could apply, but my dad is in a Federal VA facility.

    Any help would be great! Thanks
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    Yes, if he needs the assistance of another person because of his 100% service connected disability they can have the A&A amount ($703) added to the 100% disability - BUT, it might already be in there, Federal Homes are very good about making sure they are getting the maximum, so it might be worth a call to the VA to determine if he is currently receiving it.
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    Read this blog entry I wrote. It explains Aid and Attendance benefits for someone receiving 100 percent disability compensation.


    To receive that benefit, the care required must be the result of the service connected disability.

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