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    First, this forum has been an invaluable resource for me. I cannot tell you how overwhelming this process feels and every time I read the posts I feel a bit better each time. I cannot thank you enough! My mom was just put into assisted living in early October and I have been panicked about how I am going to cover all the expenses. I am putting together the paperwork now, and I already have some basic questions. I apologize if this was asked before, and I will to research in greater detail before asking.

    1. Claim number. My father filed a claim for benefits back in 1998 when he was still alive (denied because they could not find a connection between his disability and time in service). My father died in 1999. Do I still use that claim number even though we are seeking totally different benefits (Aid and Assistance)? And do I use that number on all forms?
    2. One of the forms I completed have an expiration date (21-4142) of 8/31/2017. Should I have my mom sign a new unexpired form or is it okay?
    3. I have my mom and dad's original marriage license but if I need a certified one it will take 3-4 weeks. Should I wait to file or file with a regular copy and then update.
    4. I provided a list of doctors and hospitals she has visited over the year. Should I obtain the doctor and hospital records myself or will the VA obtain if needed?
    5. How many months of bank statements should be provided?
    6. Finally, I have seen this question asked a lot. My mothers home is in the process of being sold. Once her sale clears she will most likely be close or a bit over the 80K mark. Once sale proceeds go through, do I need to update VA immediately? Obviously with the cost of Assisted Living, the 80K will be decreased relatively quickly.

    Thank you again for creating this forum!
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    Hello there.

    Thank you for the kind words! I am happy to hear these forums and the website have been valuable to you so far. :)

    1. I would leave the claim number blank for now - which is what people generally do when they have not had a claim made before. Especially since he was rejected that first time and it was so long ago.
    2. That is a very good question, I didn't realize at first that it had an expiration date on there and that it recently went over that date. @Matt375 do you happen to have any input into this? I don't see a new and updated form for that particular one on the VA's website.
    3. I would definitely use a certified copy of the death and marriage certificates because you will most likely not get them back once you mail them in.
    4. If you have any hospital or doctor records, I would include them. But otherwise if you list them on the application and the VA specifically wants to see any records they will let you know. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.
    5. If it were me, I would include at least a couple months of bank statements just to be safe.
    6. Yes, you need to update the VA on the sale of the home because she will have that extra income to pay for care temporarily until it is spent down. Then you can update the VA again when she is below that $80,000 total asset threshold.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thank you so much! This is incredibly helpful!
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    One more question regarding the claim number. Should I answer Yes that he filed a claim for benefits and just leave the claim number blank.
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    It is up to you - if the claim was so long ago and you do not remember the claim number or have it on hand then you can leave it blank. If you know a claim number used previously you can use that.

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