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    Can anyone answer this. I posted a few days ago (see original post below), but haven't gotten any replies.I believe that he will only receive a maximum of the A&A benefit, not both, but would like that clarified. This is the part that I read that has me confused.
    " Aid and Attendance (A&A) is a benefit paid in addition to monthly pension. This benefit may not be paid without eligibility to pension. " This quote was copied from this VA site http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/pension/vetpen.htm#7
    Thanks again for any help anyone can provide.

    Please help clarify this for me... My dad is single, no dependents, disabled, has dementia and is currently in a nursing home where doctors say he will need to remain. I keep reading that the A&A pension will be paid IN ADDITION to the monthly pension. I have read this numerous times, including on the www.vba.va.gov site. Does this mean that he could be eligible to receive the regular pension of $11,830 IN ADDITION to the A&A pension of $19,736 for a total pension of approximately $31,000? Although he has a current income from Social security and military retirement of about $28K per year, with the deduction for his nursing home care, his income is reduced to zero. His monthly nursing home cost is $5,550.
    He owns a farm valued at about $100K. We have not put it on the market yet. His nursing home care is still being paid by medicare at the moment (will be for the full 100days). The nursing home wants us to file for medicaid to cover his costs once the medicare runs out.
    If he were to qualify for BOTH pensions, then he would be much closer to affording the care without having to sell all of his assets.
    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I have filed an informal claim and am in the process of completing the paperwork for the regular claim. I haven't done anything yet with regard to medicaid.
    If it makes a difference - his property is in North Carolina and he is in a nursing home in Kansas near my sister.
    Thanks again.
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    It is confusing as to how it is written, but to answer your question, no he does not get both. There are 3 levels to this pension. In order to qualify for A&A, the highest level of Improve Pension, a vet has to meet the qualifications for the "Basic" level to be entitled to either of the other two levels, which are based upon their need for assistance.

    Your dad being in a nursing home puts him at A&A, so he is eligible for the $1632 a month.

    Hope this clears things up for you, and apologize for the delay in responding. Had a big Patriots Event to attend this past weekend.
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    Thank you for your reply and your help. Yes, this does clear it up and is what I was anticipating it to be, I just wanted a little clarification...Now on to getting the rest of the paperwork together.
    Thanks again,
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    If I understand your question correcty. Can he draw his miltary pension of (20 plus years of service) and A&A. My father was just aproved for A&A and still recieves his miltary pension (of 20 years of servive). I ask the same question at the local VA office. He explained you can not draw two pensions that are for disabilities at the same time. You can draw the highest of the two pension disabilities, which he said is usually A&A. It would not affect his pension for time served.

    I am a newbie here and dont want to lead anybody wrong. I wished I had found this site before we had a applied. Would have been better informed.
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    VA pension (including aid and attendance) is not actually a pension in the traditional sense. It is a needs-based safety net social program. Military retirement is a pension in the sense that it is something he paid in to for retirement. He can qualify for both assuming his income (including his military retirement) doesn't exceed the income limit.
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    To clarify, there are not two pension disabilities.
    but there are two different disability programs.
    One is Compensation, which is for service related disability. It pays more AND covers nursing home as part of health care and still pays the service-related disability COMPENSATION benifit.
    the second is the NON-service related PENSION that we discuss here. It is for non-service related disability.Being 65 qualifies as 100% non-service disabled. It pays less.
    THe statemant is true, a vet can only recieve one of these two, at a time.
    If the vet is 70% or more (as a general rule) on Compensation, then he should try for 100%. it pays much better.
    also, my understanding is that COMPENASTION is related to the military retirement check. I belive that the military retirement check is reduced by the COMPENASTION AWARD. the addvantage is that the COMPENASTION award is not taxed so only the reduced military retirement part is taxed.

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