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    My Father, on A&A for just over 5 years, died at the end of October (10/29.) I notified the VA immediately (10/30), and as expected, they reversed their November payment.

    I received a letter from the Dept. of Veteran's Affairs the other day telling me I had to return (by personal check or money order) his A&A benefit from October - all of it! As for the past 5 years, his expenses exceeded his income from all sources - I've still had to pay for October's rent/meals at his assisted living place plus a few thousand dollars for additional care as his needs increased.

    Is it true that I need to write a check for the October benefits he received (living until the night of 10/29?)

    Thanks for your help!
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    This is not right! The reversal of the November payment was the return of the October bill.

    You should write a letter stating:

    Dear VA,
    The October payment was deposited on _____ and pulled back by the VA on _____ therefore the full October benefit has been returned to you.
    Thank you for updating your records to reflect the return of the October Benefit.

    I would include the statement from the bank showing the deposit and withdrawal.
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    Re: A&A Benefit the Month of Death - f/u

    My attachment did not work the first time. I'll try it again.

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    Re: A&A Benefit the Month of Death Attempt #2

    I don't know where the message/reply went that was with the attachment I did!

    I want to make sure I understand this correctly.

    So . .the payment deposited to Dad's account 10/31 is for November. It was withdrawn 11/7 and the bank notation was "deceased" and referenced the 10/31 deposit.

    Is there a section in the VA manual that I can reference - where it is stated that the benefits received by a veteran are for that month (not the previous one?)

    Thanks so much.
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    It’s in the award letter. Look at that for clarifications on date and month of the award.

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