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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chorneyma, Dec 31, 2010.

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    BOTH of my parents are WW II Vets and BOTH entered private nursing home in Jun, '10 while I started to wade thru the Non-Svc Connected Pension with Aid & Attendance; about the same time, I applied for both of them to enter a local Veterans Home since we were told the wait list is 18 months!
    My mom just cleared the Veterans Home wait list and will move there next week where the max room & board monthly charge is $1800 (compared to $5000 now).
    Is she still eligible to receive her retroactive (to application date) pension & A&A whenever the VA approves it? I plan to send the VA Pension ofc in Milwaukee a form fill out by this new nursing home for mom's application just like the previous nursing home had to complete.
    Thank you for any insight. I just joined and hope someone has experienced this. 8)
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    This is an uncharted area for us. I have a resource who is currently working with someone in the same situation, but until the VA comes back with a ruling, we are not sure how they look at this topic.

    We are not sure how they will rule on the retro, and if that money will be awarded to her or taken by the Home since it is a Veteran's Home, rulings are different and are not the same for care being provided in an ALF or in-home, and are not sure where to find the proper answer for this.

    Sorry we are unable to help on this one at this time.
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    Thanks for jumping in on this!
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    Thank you for your replies; this is all uncharted for me, too! If it helps with your research, this Veterans Home is under the Missouri Veterans Commission and MAY get its funding from the Federal Govt for its staff, not sure. But if that is true, I would certainly understand why Pension w/A&A would not be honored - it would be like the Federal Govt paying twice for the care.
    Anyway, to complicate matters, I only applied for mom since I was told that any award would be split between both of the veterans/couple. So maybe I should cancel my mom's application and apply for my dad - even though he would have to give up his small ($400 USAF) pension. So that some of his private nursing home care could be paid (retro) while we wait for him to clear the waiting list.
    Even a Veteran Service Officer told me mine is a complicated situation!
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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    you should apply for both. the award for both is NOT 1949 split. It's in the range of 2600 (i think) but is more than a vet/w dependent.
    you can always decline after approval.
    Sorry, but a VSR taking lunch at 1pm instead of 12noon is complcated for them. I have had VSOs tell vets that there is NO SUCH benefit. I have VSO say the gross income is too high....at $1975/monthly. (remember that $97 for medicare part b alone get's the vet to 1872 AND QUALIFIES!!!!).

    Also, 'Nursing Home' is different than 'Veterans Home' BUT can be the same. They could be in the Assisted Living section of the VA Home. Usually, the term "room & board" is never used in connection w/ the term 'nursing home". And is the rate based on HER income? Or is it a published rate for all?
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    Thank you, I will apply for both.

    Also, the $1800 a/month at the Veterans' Home is the MAX amount to be paid based on financials provided; I had to send in two separate applications for the Vet Home for each parent and so had the put each's income and then split living costs, bank accts etc. And I'm quite happy with $1800 a month compared to the $5000 a month I was paying for mom.
    Thanks again - this is an extremely informative forum and website.
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    Please excuse my question, I don't want to appear discriminatory...but I have discounted the possibility of a Veteran's Nursing Home for my elderly mother (the vet) because I have assumed there would be mostly male residents. I don't think she would be comfortable in a male-oriented community. Can you tell me what your experience is with your mother in a Veteran Nursing Home? We are currently paying the $5500/mo rent for an Assisted Living Facility (specializing in dementia care) and the money will run out. If it makes any difference, the Veteran Home would be in Seattle. Thank you for your response.
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    My parents are both veterans and my dad volunteered at this Vet Home in St. Louis for years and my mom said during all that time that she did NOT want to live there because there are so many men.
    However, she changed her mind as she saw their savings disappearing at $9000 a month at the private nursing home for both and she's been very happy there for the week she has been there.
    I would suggest that you do a search for Washington State Veteran Homes and you should find the one you are looking for. On the site for the MO Vet Homes, they have statistics in a newsletter of how many men vs women; how many of each from various wars; how many of each from each service. Maybe yours in Washington State will have that kind of info. The women room with women; men with men UNLESS both are vets AND want to room together; my parents will NOT be rooming together initially; the staff wants to observe dad's behavior first. The Vet Home in St Louis MO seems to be fantastic - with a separate wing for Alzheimer patients. We were told that the wait would be 12-18 months; yet BOTH parents have now cleared the waiting list (mom moved Jan 7 and dad will move Jan 14) AMAZING...so I've decided that there is no reason for me to go through all of the hoops to try for retro pension and A&A. That's one project I don't need to do. Good luck to you; it's best to apply soon if there is a waiting list and your mom may not have a choice if her money is disappearing; my parents each will pay $1800 a month - much different than the $4500 each was paying a month. The Vet Home has so many activities: they take residents who want to go to St. Louis Cardinal baseball games, the outdoor Muny Opera, to bar-b-ques at VFW and American Legion halls, to casinos, skeet shooting - it's an amazing environment and at 88 and 90, my parents won't do much but they'll have lots of choices; they, too, have dementia.
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    Glad that things have worked out so well for you. You are indeed fortunate to have them in an area that offers all this for them, and hopefully they can be together when things settle down.

    Best of luck to you.

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