8 months of red tape, only to be denied!

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    My father and I have gone through 8-months of HELL in trying to procure the aid and assistance benefit for him and my mother. Pops is a WWII veteran, personally witnessed the signature of the peace treaty with Japan, and of course has an honorable discharge. He loved the Marines--even went back to work for them as a civilian as manager of the NCO club at Camp Pendleton. Both my parents are 86, with no assets except for their social security, and a small, non-military related disability pension from a fall my father suffered while working at Pendleton. The fall rendered his right hand and fingers void of all feeling. He also has severe osteoarthritis in his knees and needs a walker or rolater to walk; a heart condition, urinary incontinence, and suffers from non-smoking related COPD. In the past year he has been hospitalized for a broken hip, inguinal hernia surgery, and most recently, pneumonia. My mother suffers from progressive Alzheimer's/dementia. She can not drive or use a stove and needs supervision. They are both in assisted living.

    In late September, a representative who called himself "Jerry" called my father. He spoke very fast and confused my father as to what he wanted. My father asked him to slow down and he refused. Instead, he argued that he was not talking too fast. My father was both stressed and frightened by that phone call. We have filed and refiled all medical forms, hospital records, copies of military documents, proof of residence at assisted living--everything the VA asked for to complete the process. We were completely denied in mid November. The letter was vague--not giving us reasons why they were denied, only that they were denied. We sent an immediate appeal a week after the denial--still waiting response from the VA. I have just sent a second appeal letter and this time I copied our US senators, state assemblyman, and state representatives--plus the Washington DC office of Veterans Affairs. We intend to continue to fight this uphill battle.

    This demonstrates the sad state of affairs this country is in and the corruption that exists within the government and its agencies. The government expects our men and women put their life of the line for their country, but when it comes time for the government to repay the favor--usually to the elderly who fought for us 50-60 years ago, the response time is lengthy, the communication if vague, the application process is fraught with red tape, and on many occasions, after months of complying-- the request is still denied. It appears that the VA hopes to wear down our veterans to the point where they give up--or die of sickness and/or old age while trying to get what they are entitled to.
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    My heart breaks for you and your father. I've been assisting veteran and widows for over 27 years and I know exactly how you feel. We need more individuals like you to take a stand and state 'enough is enough'. They can always find the money to fight these wars but there's enough money to take care of the after-effects.

    Over the past 27 years I've worked with WWI veterans through the current war. I take offense when people use the word 'conflict'. When people are forced to kill and lay their lives on the line then it's a war and not a conflict.

    I would welcome the opportunity to review your father's denial letters and see if I can offer some insight. By law they have to give detailed information about their decision and evidence considered. You can block off your father's name and any personal information if you wish. If you are interested in my offer please let me know and I will email you my fax number and mailing address.

    Again, thank you for taking a stand. May God Bless You.
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    Thank-you! Yes, I will accept any and all help and greatly appreciate it. Please send me your fax number and/or address and I will forward the material to you.
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    Dear Janny-- hope you are able to work things out. I FINALLY got my father some benefits a couple of years before he died. I had some wonderful help from a nice man in Arlington, Texas, who "took us under his wing." Thank God for the kind souls of this world. He even drove with us from Dallas to WACO to meet with the folks at the VA.. and we got the benefits.

    My father passed away last year, June 18 -- I loved him dearly. May God bless you and reward you for helping your beloved Dad.. I'm so glad now that I worked that hard, because he was worth every struggle, every difficulty, all the mean and angry people and all the paperwork. He is in Heaven now, and I'm sure the Lord is giving him a big hug.

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