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    My mother (homebound) widow of WWII vet has lived with us for 19 years. We provide everything for her. Physically and living expenses.
    She receives VA widow benefit.
    The VA told me to determine an amount that my services are worth as a caregiver with her living in our home and she is totally disabled (feeding, personal needs) 24 hours a day. I did that but they thought it was not enough, but that is what I chose.
    I need to know if I'm required to pay taxes on that. Why would I when it goes for expenses, but I need to know?
    Thank you.
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    The pension to your mom is tax-free, but you are receiving "income" for acting as her caregiver, and just like any other income generated, you would legally be obligated to report the income on your tax return.

    The VA works very closely with the IRS, and when the time came to do the annual EVR, your mom would need cancelled checks showing her payments for her care, and the VA could request she provide your social security #.

    We cannot comment on how you do or do not file your taxes, but just be aware that there is a process for checking.

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