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    Read other posts, know I need to file 21-22a. I am the daughter of a Veteran with dementia and have a POA (am applying for A&A). What do I check in 7B??? Am I an "agent" or "individual under 14.630". Do not want to make a mistake!
    Thanks!!! ??? ???
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    You should mark the section "individual under 14.630". Which states in part:

    (a) Any person may be authorized to prepare, present, and prosecute one
    claim. A proper power of attorney, and a statement signed by the person and
    the claimant that no compensation will be charged or paid for the services,
    shall be filed with the office where the claim is presented. A signed writing,
    which may be in letter form, identifying the claimant and the type of benefit
    or relief sought, specifically authorizing a named individual to act as
    the claimant’s representative, and further authorizing direct access to
    records pertinent to the claim, will be accepted as a power of attorney.

    An 'agent' is someone who is recognized by the VA to present claims but they
    are not a Veterans Service Officer or attorney. They are accredited by the

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