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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by squarah, Feb 1, 2011.

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    I'm starting to fill out the paperwork for spousal benefits for my mom. She just moved into a memory care ALF last week. Here are two questions that I have (so far anyway):

    1-Should I put her address at the ALF or her home address? If the VA is going to mail her things, I'd rather they went to her home so know that we get them. She won't know what to do with them if mail comes to the ALF? However, I don't want to mess up the application by showing two different addresses?

    2-Has anyone had any trouble using a "Certification of Military Service" from NARA? Evidently my father's separation papers were involved in some sort of fire years ago? It says that it can be used as verification of military service but I'm concerned because it does not list where he entered service or where he was discharged. It only gives the dates? I'm concerned that the VA will flag this.

    I'll probably have more questions as I go through! This forum and website are a huge help! Thanks!
  2. As to #1 - in my experience, I would only put the address at the ALF since that is considered her residence. I also worry about my mom throwing out important mail, but haven't found any way to get around this.
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    You can put your address on there as the Care Of (c/o) address for the VA to send mail to. The facility address will be on the facility statement and later in the application.

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