Will Dad Lose A&A if he accepts help from County

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crazy6666, Jan 18, 2011.

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    My father is in an assisted living facility but is running out of money. He receives A&A and VA Officer told him if he moves to a nursing home and goes on medicaid he will keep A&A. County is offering a program to let him stay where he is with reduced payments but they say he will lose A&A. Can get a straight answer or anything in writing. So not sure what to do. This is in Wisconsin. Thanks for any help
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    Medicaid laws differ from state to state, but regardless of the state there is a range of $30- $90 that is allowed to be kept from A&A if you go on state assistance.

    Basically the state is paying for everything, so you can't have both at max benefit. The A&A portion cannot be used for medical. The money has to be spent on personal items.

    If the place he is at reduces the monthly rate, then more than likely what they are doing is putting him in a bed that will be approved for Medicaid.

    If this is where he has been and knows the staff and is comfortable, you may want to keep him there under the new arrangement.

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