Why do divorces get benefits regardless of how may times then get divorced?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by oz41, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. oz41

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    I having served my country for 18 years and 2 wars, I am very upset that a spouse can get DIC benefits from the death of her late (First) husband who died of complications 35 years ago(vietnam) she has has been divorced and remarried 5 going on 6 times and is about to reach the age of 57 under the new VA if she is divorced or single prior to reaching her 57th birthday she is entitled to reapply for the 6 time and receive the DIC benefit for life. So she has convinced her present husband (#6) to divorce her and then she promised to remarry him once her July 28 birthday making her 57 years old and she qualify's under the new VA rule to obtain the benefit now remember she promised to remarry him after her birthday and qualification. To me this is fraud to the fullest extent and she should be denied the moneys and benefits. But for the love of my country and god that I serve, this should not be allowed, she is now boasting that after her birthday she will get her $1145.00/mo check for the rest of her life and can now keep it wither married or single or divorced.

    I think there are many woman out there that deserve this benefit, not some looser scammer, what can be done about this? Does any one have a contact or suggestion (VA Congressman) that can review this case? Its a discrase to her late husband whom died for his country and for all those in uniform today. I think Congress should address or at least the VA. If any one can help stop this stuff let me know as I have the information on this person. Cause I can see the future husband number 7 coming and that nice DIC check in her bank account every month. Which she never earned her late husband she was married to for 4 year 2 of which he spent in Nam and now 6 husband later awaits her check.
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    She is only eligible if she remarries after the age of 57, not before.... I would report her...
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    I understand the Public Law 108-183 permitted a surviving spouse who remarries at age 57 or older to retain dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC), home loan, and education benefits eligibility. but how can some be eligible to continue to receive the benefits after so many divorces? just doesn't seem fair to all the others waiting on their benefits that she gets her time to be re-evaulatied seems like a misuse of funds and rights. Would anyone in congress like to hear know about this issue you think? any ideas how to pursue this?

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