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    I have to fill out the Statement in Support of Claim form now, since my MIL was moved to an ALF, and we want to get the A&A level of benefit. I would like to know what exactly to state on this form. Also, since we are applying for the benefit for the surviving spouse (my MIL), the form asks for the name and SS of the veteran. Is that correct, even though it is the suriving spouse seeking the benefit? Just don't want to make an error and get the form kicked back. Thank you.
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    I was wondering this too!!
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    For the statement in support of claim form you would state something like "We are seeking an increase in the level of Aid and Attendance benefit due to an increase in care expenses per month since [name] has moved into an assisted living facility". There's no perfect way to state it on the form - as long as you get the point across that you are asking for an increase and you can show evidence of the care expenses increasing.

    You do put the veteran's social security number and name of the veteran. Everything on these forms ties back to the veteran because it is his service that qualifies the spouse.
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    I know this wasn't my question, but thanks Kaylin. I sent this form in with all my papers and stated how much my mom agreed to pay me (with that caregiver agreement I typed up & we both signed), and that she didn't have enough income to cover it, and that's why we were applying. Hope this was correct.
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    That sounds sufficient to me!

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