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    The ***** is an accredited veterans service organization according to the Dept of Veterans Affairs website. Their representative advised us to move our mother's money into annuities in our names so she would meet the income requirement. From reading on this forum and elsewhere, the advice is to stay away from companies who sell a "financial product" because they aren't accredited and can't represent a claimant before the VA if there are problems. Since this company is accredited to assist with claims filing - and says that they've never had a claim rejected - what is your opinion?

    We would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experience with this group as well.

    Thank you so much for this forum!
  2. vbcoder

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    I did a search on the Dept of Veterans Affairs' website and did not get a hit. It suggested I use Google, Yahoo, etc.
  3. vetadmin

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    STOP!!! Do not pass go on this. ANYONE who tells you to move money around -- BEWARE. I can promise you the VA would NEVER recommend anyone to qualify for this pension that they knowingly knew they had funds to pay for care. Scratch this option off your list.
  4. SuzyB

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    The ***** representative and founder, ***** is listed as an accredited claims agent. If you look at their website - http://www.******* - they make the following claim:

    "There is absolutely NO CHARGE for our services. We are a private organization dedicated to the betterment of our Veterans.

    As a Veteran, our ****** Founder has made it his mission to make certain that every Veteran and/or Surviving Spouse of a Veteran who is eligible learns about the program and has the opportunity to apply for the benefits."

    My brother thinks we should pursue this avenue since our mother's assets are a little over $110K. He researched the company that the annuities would be with - ****- and believes this will be a safe investment. What could be the negative consequences of pursuing this?
  5. vbcoder

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    I went to the VA website you posted and searched for a "****,claims agent" in the search engine. I did not get
    any responses. I cannot find any connection with "****" and the Veterans Affairs website except on his website.

    I agree with Debbie when she wrote "I can promise you the VA would NEVER recommend anyone to qualify for this pension
    that they knowingly knew they had funds to pay for care."
  6. SuzyB

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    If you will pull up the entire list of accredited agents and/or VSO with representatives, you will find his name. He is in Irvine, CA. I assure you that he is on both lists.
  7. vetadmin

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    It sounds as though you have made your decision in spite of the recommendations here.

    I will reiterate with my vast experience in dealing with the VA and this issue that the VA will not knowingly support any effort by anyone accredited or otherwise to put an application through where the applicant has enough funds as does your mother to pay for her care and is not in need of this pension to pay for that care.

    The VA has sat on this pension for 58 years. Do you really think they are going to let someone come in the back door when the front door is boarded up?

    Most people on this forum are paying for care out of their pocket and mom or dad have no savings and only receive a small monthly pension which does not cover the costs of their care.

    Good luck with it all.
  8. SuzyB

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    I understand your thoughts on the matter, vetadmin. I sincerely hope that those people who have no savings and/or small pensions get the assistance that they need. And God bless you for starting this forum to help them.

    I do want to mention that my mother's assets came from the sale of her home. (She lost a great deal of money on her home, which she and my father purchased with a VA loan. As you know, the VA does not include homes as an asset. Had we known about the Aid & Attendance prior, we would have waited to sell.) In California, nursing homes average $6,600.00 a month, and can be as high as $10,000. $110K won't last long at all. I would imagine that by June, her assets will be below $80K.

    I read on another forum that it is a myth that the asset limit is $80K. This number is used because any amount over this requires a thorough financial audit. So apparently, anyone with assets over $80K would not automatically be denied. It is determined on a person-by-person basis, life expectancy, cost of care, etc. This information was provided by someone claiming to be an accredited agent on an Elder Care forum. However, there's so much contradictory information regarding the asset requirement, it's difficult to know who to believe.

    I agree with you that any time anyone suggests hiding money, a red flag should go up. I mentioned that the agent we spoke to is accredited - not to say his advice must be sound, but to point out that even accredited agents can give you bad advice.
  9. vetadmin

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    I understand your position and how quickly money can disappear leaving nothing to pay for care. I made a suggestion to you to contact someone that might be the best option for you to consider given your circumstances.

    I know what it is to be desperate and grabbing at anything that seems like a viable solution, but not everything is the "right" solution.

    Just so you will know, the insurance company/agent would make a nice commission off of the money you move over to yourself and your brother.

    In order to be accredited by the VA it only requires that the individual pay a $35.00 application fee and has to attend 2 classes, which they have up to a year to to attend. Not quite as complicated or as impressive as it sounds.
  10. pologal1979

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    I agree. Stay away from these people.

    Also, as i have stated before on other postings, anyone who has $80K+ will have their assets/networth/income/expenses scrtuinized to see if the pension is actually needed or if the existing income and assets can offset expenses, to include living and medical expenses.

    also, as i have stated before the purposeful movement of assets just to qualify yourself for a pension (which is a supplemental income progam, not an automatic retirement type pension) is wrong morally. IMO.
  11. Fit2009

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    There is a BIG difference between being an accredited individual and an accredited service organization - I agree that an accredited organization would not be selling annuities - not the case with an accredited individual...
  12. Max

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    As a VA employee, I STRONGLY suggest you do not do this. My coworker had to tell a son that he owed VA over $60,000 last week because he did something like this and VA paid the vet benefits to which he was not entitled. VA shares information with the IRS, SSA, and other federal agencies, so we would likely find out and deny/terminate the benefit later on. If you provide us with the right information the first time we can hopefully work with you to figure out what we can do to try to get you approved. Playing number games makes it impossible for us to work with you and it is very illegal. Cases like this get referred to the Office of Inspector General (

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