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    Need some help.
    Filed on 2/1 for Pension benefits for my in laws.
    Received letter 2/11 with a file number and notification they received application
    Received a letter on 3/31/09 requesting more information
    Received a letter dated 4/2 saying they are still processing.

    I am gathering all bills for home health along with bank statement. Waiting on the form to be filled out by the doctor VA Form 21-2680.

    What should I do with VCAA Veteran Claim Asistance form as the 30 days is coming to end this Friday.
    Should I send in as much information as I have followed by the 21-2680 or should I just send in the VCAA asking for more time than the 30 days?
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    What is the doctor's problem? Make a copy of the form, Fill it out for him, take it and a blank over there and very nicely tell him you know he is busy so you've filled in some items for him that he can change if he needs to and have him sign it - tell him the deadline is Friday if you need to, but get the evaluation signed. You only need one month of Medical bills unless the VA has specifically asked you for more, so don't kill yourself trying to get more pulled together. You add 60 days to the waiting period by not returning the VCAA on time.
    Good Luck!

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