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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JDavis, Jul 29, 2008.

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    A field examiner was assigned to my fathers' case 85 days ago and I still haven't been contacted for an initial examination. I called the case manager at the Regional office today and was told that a new field examiner was appointed on July 18th but the case manager had no idea whatsoever when I would be contacted. I asked why was a new field examiner assigned to the case and I was told that it was because the VA made an error in their paperwork and now they have corrected it. Lovely! They mailed a letter to me at my correct home address tellling me that the field examiner went to my last known Florida address and was unable to contact me. Of course, not only did the field examiner not call to set up an appointment in the first place but he/she also went to an address that wasn't even mine ... EVER . It was an address that was non-existant at all!

    So, now we wait ... again. And because of their carelessness a stupid mistake was made and it's the veteran that pays the price. I'm drafting a letter to my Senator but I'm not sure what good it will do. Talking to the VA in Florida is like talking to the wall.
  2. Sorry to hear you are having trouble. There is nothing more frustrating than government bureaucracy, especially when the whole purpose is to help your dad get what is rightfully due him (we are in Florida too, and we deal with this all the time). Thanks for keeping us updated, and we will look forward to hearing about the happy ending!

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    I would write a letter as well as make a phone call. The excuses the VA have offered you are nothing more than a blatant lie. Not knowing your work schedule etc, how or why would anyone set out to come see you if they had no idea if you would even be at home or that you would be available period?

    Where did they come up with the non-existant address that is not on your application and does not even exist??? We suggest that you take this to the next level to get someone involved who might be able to cut to the chase. Think you have been given enough of the run-around at this point.
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    On Tuesday I went to the VA website and submitted a complaint through IRIS. I'm not sure if it will be of benefit or not but I want to make sure that I crossed my T's and dotted my I's before I push the 'nuclear button'. According to IRIS I will have a response by phone within 5 business days .... August 5th is day 5. 'Nuclear button' means a phone call and email to my Congressman, both Senators and finally to the Executive Director and to the Director of Veterans Benefits and Assistance at the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs. I want to make sure that I have done everything that I could possibly do up to that point, have all documentation ready to go and then I will contact all of the aforementioned at the same time.
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    Speaking for myself, I will be anxiously waiting to hear how all this goes for you. Wishing you the best of luck! As a side note, isn't it a shame that it should even have to come to this?
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    I received a call today in response to the complaint that I filed. I was told that no one could talk to me because I was not the appointed fiduciary! With great difficulty I calmly explained the reason why I wasn't the fiduciary yet. It was a complete waste of time. I have just completed a request for assistance from my Congressman. For anyone that requires assistance from their Congressman please note that all Federal agencies are allowed a MINIMUM of 30 days to respond to congressional inquires. It's interesting that there's a minimum number of day but no maximum number of days.
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    Hi I also went with the "contacting his congressman" and was totally surprised and delighted to get a email AND a call from his secretary....saying they would be happy to looking into it (trying to expedite the fiduciary process, hardship case)...Needed me to sign a CONGRESSIONAL CASEWORK AUTHORIZATION FORM, which they emailed. 20 days later they called me back, saying they too had problems getting a response from the VA (and they have a direct line)...that she (secretary) was going to call today and see what needed to be done. She called be back and said the VA told her "they were aware of the situation" and they would "get to it as soon as they could".....She then said " I will call them back periodically and make sure this gets done"
    THANK YOU Congressman Gary G Miller 42nd District Calif, and secretary Mina Choi who actually gave me all the different ways to contact them...phone, direct email to her, address and fax!
    Hope yours goes as well.
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    Dear frustrated veterans and families;

    I am so sorry to hear that all of you have had such poor experiences with the field officers with the va. i am a veteran service officer in alcorn county, ms. (corinth, ms), and our vets are fortunate to have such a fine and helpful field examiner. My field examiner covers 18 counties in North Mississippi, and he does a fantastic job! His supervisor is also a fine outstanding man, and both are dedicated to serving and taking care of the needs of our vets! I could not assist our vets without the dedicated assistance of these two fine men, and, the staff at the Jackson, MS Regional Office.

    By the way, we are proud to have a new Administrator at the Jackson, MS Regional Office. He is also dedicated to putting the needs our our fine men and women first! This is our number 1 priority.

    I would like to offer a suggestion to all of you that may be experiencing snags within the process. Call your State Regional Office, and request to speak with a Veterans advocate. We have many, many fine dedicated VA employees, and most of the problems we experience are not making contact with the right individual assigned to assist you in resolving your problems.

    Good Luck to all of you. And, please may I add, Thank You Veterans for your service! We appreciate you, and God Bless Each of You!
    Patricia Hopkins Ray,Alcorn County Veterans Service Officer
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    Thank you for taking the time to share this insight with our members who hopefully will be able to use this information.

    Any suggestions that help navigate the process are appreciated especially to those who are still waiting.

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