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    I just wanted to share an experience I had in July with a Dallas VA doctor. My husband gets his meds thru the VA but his physician for Lewy Body Dementia is non VA. When we met with him in May one of the discussions on the meds was that my husband would be starting on a 1/2 pill and go to 1 pill. The dr also did a mental test in which he gave my husband hints to the answers throughout the test pretty much making the test worthless because it gave my husband a 26 score out of a 30. I didn't say anything then because it was obvious that this doctor did not want anyone questioning him. A month later when I called to get the prescription increased (as already discussed) so that a month's prescription would be 1 pill per day and not 1/2 a pill, this doctor said, "Well I will fill it this time but going forward just go back to your Dr. _______, because I am tired of you people asking me to write and rewrite prescriptions just so you can save money." I then asked him, "You mean we won't be able to get them through the VA?" He again repeated what he had said about going back to our non VA doctor. Although I was livid I managed to be respectful and kept my voice at a respectful tone. At that point I said, "Doctor, this is not charity. My husband is a veteran and has a right to these prescriptions through the VA." He then backed down and said he would send the prescription. Two days later I called and made a complaint to his supervisor who will be treating my husband going forward. Can't help wondering who else he has bullied and mistreated??


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