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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hjw35, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Thank you for this great web site and all the time and help you give to veterans and their dependents. With the help here I believe I will be able to complete this application process.

    My sister is a surviving spouse who has been diagnosed with dementia. At this point with family assistance she is getting by on her own and does not have enough medical expenses to qualify. We have put her application into a nursing home. They currently have about a 6 month waiting list. When she moves into the nursing home, she will have a negative income. Her assets are well under $80,000. My question is: Should I use form 21-4138 to file an informal claim now? Or should I wait until she enters the nursing home? I guess my real question is would the benefits be from the date of filing form 21-4138 or from the entry date of her going into the nursing home with large medical expenses?

    If I should fill the form out now, what address should I use – my sister/claimant’s current address or the designated 3rd party for receiving information? If the current address is used, would this add confusion when the final application is submitted with the nursing home address? I have figured out from the forum that one wants to do everything possible to avoid confusing the VA.
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    You're welcome, and we are glad you found us. We certainly hope to be of assistance to you in this process.

    If she is 6 months out from really incurring expenses for care, I would not file the informal claim now. That is generally done, while families are incurring expenses, and are in the process of gathering all the documents.

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