Questions about VA-forms 21-2680 and 21-0779

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    My mother has been in an assisted living facility since mid-2011.I recently found out she is possibly eligible for an A and A benefit due to my deceased fathers time in WW II.Dad passed away in 1987.Mom needs help with daily activities like medication management,bathing,dressing,occasionally when using the bathroom,and she has to use a walker to get around.The ALF prepares all her meals for her and she eats in their dining room.They also clean her apartment weekly and do her linens.I go over and do her personal laundry at the facility.Also her ability to get around is severely limited and I take her to all her appointments.She also has a severe hearing loss.She is diabetic and also has taken eyedrops for years for glaucoma and has had congestive heart failure at times.She is 82 years old.I have been trying to get all the paper work lined up and filled out in order that she can apply.

    I have been having a difficult time getting the doctor to take the time to fill out form 21-2680.He is a very busy man and I left the 2680 form there for awhile for him to fill out.I got it back yesterday and it was not completely filled out.Some of the information requested on the form are things he would have no clue about how to answer so I filled out part of the paper for him (items 20 thru 27) as well as the general information of her name,SS #,address,etc.I also wrote some information as a report for him to read about things that have happened to Mom while she has been at the home.Initially she medicated herself but once she took a nap,woke up,and mistakenly took her medicine again before it was due.Since that incident the home helps her with managing her meds.Mom is able to manage her financial matters but I am the one that mainly does it since she cant hear good and also doesnt get out except when with me.The doctor did fill out all the information on the back and signed it.He did however leave blank items on the front (like the date of examination ( item 6),the space for complete diagnosis (item 10),nutrition (item 14),and item 15 (gait),item 16 (blood pressure),item item 17 (pulse rate),item 18 (respiratory rate),and also item 19 (type of disabilities restrict activities/functions).This MD has been Moms regular doctor for almost the last year and a half so he knows her history better than anyone in town.He is also my personal doctor and has been for 3 or 4 years.I relocated Mom to be near me in 2011.I think part of the problem is that he is so busy he just doesnt take the time to concentrate long on the forms.I think when he had the form and filled it our he may have done it had home but he has seen Mom several times already this year.I plan on taking the form back and leaving it with the nurses once again and see if he will complete the form.I think most of the blanks are something that can be filled out by the nurses since it can be obtained from records of her most recent visit.
    I guess my questions are what type of answer are they looking for on nutrition,complete diagnosis,gait,and disabilities restricting functions? I hate to send this thing back and end up having to take it back again.Also if I dont make any progress with this doctor would it be possible to take her to someone else and let them do her examination and fill a new 21-2680 form out? Mom really needs the financial assistance as her monthly expenses are more than her income by 8 or 9 hundred dollars per month usually.

    Also I was given form 21-0779 to have the assisted living facility fill out.Should I tell them to cross out all places on the form where it says Nursing Home and put in ALF since she is not in a nursing home.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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    You do need to get this form completed, and if he won't do it in a timely manner, then yes, you can take her to someone else.

    The ALF does need to strike through and put ALF.
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    If I decide to take Mom to another doctor any particular type of doctor I should look for? The only other doctors she has been to here in this area are a cardiologist and many times she has seen his PA.Also she has been to an eye doctor a couple of times.I am wondering if there might possibly be specific doctors around that would be more familiar with the proper filling out of the forms that need to be filled out for veterans and their spouses.Her being able to receive Aid and Attendance will be a determining factor of whether or not she can remain in the ALF facility very much longer.I am somewhat frustrated due to the fact when I have taken her to the doctor she gets little time with him.I sit in on her appointments due to her hearing issues at the moment.He has never had the time to fill out the form in our presence but always says to leave it at the front desk.He is always running from patient to patient.Afterwards it takes several calls to get things moving again.I think the workers in his office sense my frustration with this and are sympathetic.My doctor is of foreign origin.I have been trying to get this form properly and fully filled out for over a month and when I take it back it will be the second time I have returned the form since the first time I gave it to them to do.Also I dont think the workers actually look at the form to see if it is being filled out.Maybe they arent allowed to do so I dont know.FYI my father was in the D-Day Invasion on June 6th,1944 and also served in the Pacific theatre shortly afterwards.He also had a younger brother killed in action in the Invasion of North Africa during the same war.Some of these things I just recently found out.
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    Would need to be a general practitioner, but you should really push on her current Dr who would be aware of all her conditions and would be able to give a better evaluation.
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    I took the form back the doctors office today after calling and explaining to the one of his workers that most of the still needed information could be taken from the records recorded from Moms last visit on April 3rd.I also explained that the Dr. might need to do the rest but it shouldnt take him more than a minute or so to do so.Guess now its time to wait and see what happens.Once the form is filled out completely and filed what happens if she gets turned down due to not enough detailed information on the form? Can additional information in support of the claim be admitted later.I really dont have a very positive outlook that she will get approved at least the first time.

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