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    My grandmother was approved for benefits in March.
    She started out paying me weekly to care for her. My
    dad got ill with cancer and she got other help. Unfortunately
    I did not pay close enough attention and she paid them for
    quite some time with cash. So as of now she probably only
    shows about $4000 in expense for caregiving for the year.
    It really is more like $10,000. Will they do a year end
    review and check to see what she actually pain in caregiving
    and stop her benefits because she can't show she
    paid the amount she listed on her application. We
    are back to checks now, but we messed up for
    several months and I don't want her benefits to
    be in jeopardy over this mix up. Do they keep a close
    eye on such things or should I be OK to just start the
    check back now?
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    For right now, she should be ok as the VA did away with the annual EVR, "but" they are looking to reinstate a measure that would mean yearly re-qualifying.

    From this point forward, make sure she pays by check no matter who is providing the care.
  3. rivergirl

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    Thanks! We are back to checks...not sure how
    we got messed up in the first place.
  4. vetadmin

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    You're welcome!

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