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    Im a daughter of a Veitnam veteran....A draftyto be exact...and he has and always was proud of his job well done....

    Our whole lifes he has shown us slides and shared stories...
    Only to now need to worry about is wife who has been slowly consummed by Alzheimers...

    He also has multiple health issues of his own that the VA HOSPITAL cares for him..however noone can answer questions on what should happen when his wife requires the most help, which they currently can not afford...or explain bennifits in reguarding burial concerns if my mom should pass before him...These issues need to be taken care of before the end or emergency takes place and i am the only one who can help them at this point. i dont know what else to do! Can anyone help!

    Thank you all..A scared and confused daughter.. ???
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    This is very limited information to try and be of assistance to you.

    How old is your dad?
    Is he diability rated and receiving compensation?

    This pension has to be based on the veteran meeting eligibility, or in the event of a spouse whose monthly medical expenses wipes out their total monthly income. In that case a veteran can file as a vet with a sick spouse, but again with such limited information many of your questions go beyond the scope of this forum, and don't know that we can provide all the assistance you are looking for.

    With more information, we will offer what help we can.

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