"No longer eligible for processing under the fully developed claims program" ??

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  1. My parents applied for A&A through a local VA-approved claims agent. The entire application went in the middle of January. We just got a letter back stating that dad is already getting A&A. It says that because of that, he cannot be processed under the Fully-Developed Claims Program, and it will now be processed under the "standard processing procedures."

    I sent an email off to the claims agent to ask him what it means, but I wanted to hear what you guys think also. It sounds like the Fully-Developed Claims program would have been quicker...and that he now may be stuck in a huge backlog of some sort in the "standard processing" area? I know the claims agent sent out all kinds of info/paperwork that he gathered from us, so I don't think that is a problem. I just wonder how long it will take to process since it is now an increase (though, it was sent out as an original application).

    I hope this makes sense. Thanks!
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    A fully developed claim is one that is sent in complete with all supporting documentation and no missing information.

    Something does not sound right here. How can he already be receiving A&A and have an application pending? If he was already receiving A&A and his financial situation changed, and he was only receiving a partial award, then all that would have needed to be done is a 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim informing the VA of any financial changes that would have allowed him more of the pension.
  3. I do not know. The agent had them do it as a full application...now I wonder if we wasted time and could have just done that one form. I am not sure if they somehow didn't know he was already getting it or what.
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    I would suggest you "speak" to this agent to get more clarification. He would have had to known their financial picture along with their monthly incomes were before making any application, so again, something is not quite right here.

    You need to have a clear understanding of what he filed and why. Was it for A&A, an increase in award amount, or what? Was the original application for veteran only, and now the Mom needs assistance as well, and was changing it over to a veteran with spouse?
  5. He filed Form 21-527EZ (I have a copy). I thought it was for the actual pension, but maybe he only meant it as an increase (Form FV18 mentions it as an increase). I am awaiting response from them on what the response from the VA meant (on why VA says since he already was getting it, it go through FDC). I just hope this does not delay things. I will try to find out why he didn't just file 21-4138. Now, he probably was getting it originally only for him...but my mom's health situation has detoriated so that she needs more care. Maybe that is why a full application was done? I guess they do know what they are doing....it was just odd to get a response from the VA saying he cannot go through Fully-Developed because he was already getting it.

    Thanks for your responses. I know I need answers from him, but the response from VA threw me...so I am a little worried. I noticed you seem very knowledgeable, and I love that you are doing so much to help others.

    Do you have any idea if this means it will take longer for my dad to get a final response?
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    I can't say if it will take longer or not. It depends so much on what they submitted, if they included her medical, physician's eval etc.

    I think your best answer will be from the agent who should be able to explain it. Hope you can get a clear answer and understanding from them.
  7. They did include that. Thanks!
  8. The agent says it is dad's fault for not telling him he was already getting A&A. I distinctly remember our telling him (before filing) that we were not sure what kind of pension he was getting, and the agent said he would find out for us. Oh well. It is what it is. We just sit back and wait now.
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    At this point there isn't much more to do than wait. Sorry.

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