Medicaid office wants a break down of A&A???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magnumpi28, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. magnumpi28

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    My mother recieves A&A as a surving spouse. (A&A is all we have ever applied for and all we recieve from the VA.)
    The medicaid dept every year wants verifacation of income and i have always just sent over proof of her montly A&A amount however this year they want something that separates how much of the A&A is pension and how much is A&A. I dont understand this???
  2. vetadmin

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    It's all pension. It's not broken down into percentages.
  3. magnumpi28

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    OK, Debbie, we just enetered the twilight zone....I called the VA stating i needed something to say it was all aid and attendence pension and they first said A&A is NOT a pension, its just a add on benefit to a pension. I said thats funny because the full title is called Aid and attendence pension. Then back to the problem at hand, i said i needed a letter stating it was all aid and attendence pension, she then stated it is NOT ALL A&A and would send me a breakdown. I told her i had talked with you and you said that you cant break down the A&A pension and she said you was wrong and yes they can break it down because A&A is just a add on benefet to another pension.
    (Note: I dont draw the full A&A amount because she doesnt have eneough monthly medical expenses but they do reamburse me and at the end of the year when i submit an EVR because we have other medical expenses)

    I will email you the letter but it says this
    AID AND ATTENDENCE AMOUNT 301.00/included in gross benefit amount

    Debbie, what do i tell medicaid? If they can say im not drawing A&A benefit and just some pension they can deny my mothers medicaid i believe. I know the A&A pension is excluded as countable income by law in Oklahoma.
    FOLLOW-UP: I called the state of oklahoma and my mom still qualifys even though it was close, i was sweating this one, i just figured it would ALL be considered as aid and attendence. This aid and attendence is going to put me in the nut house after all! ::)
  4. vetadmin

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    Well, sad to say that evidently Medicaid has their own calculations and means to use this pension as leverage.

    The Basic pension part is pension and countable by Medicaid in most states. Usually it is the Pension part that is reduced and not the A&A, so if you were receiving less than the full pension I would still expect to see that the A&A portion was $417 and the remainder was pension.

    Looks like you will have to comply with the request.

    My apologies for that.
  5. VA Legal Team

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    It may depend on what state you live in. Pennsylvania breaks out out A&A into an Aid and Attendance portion.

    For example, if your mother is receiving $1130 per month, PA Medical Assistance considers $423 of that to be "Aid and Attendance Portion"

    Additionally, Aid and Attendance is considered an "allowance" over and above the "base pension." In my above example, $1130 - $423 = $707 (base pension)

    Hope that helps.
  6. suse

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    Do you have any information on this for Texas. We receive A&A for $2054 ( should be the full $2085 but that is being dealt with). I have seen on the Texas Medicaid Waiver program for an assisted living facility that it is not countable and not part of copay. Another veteran where my husband resides is receiving the full $2085 for he and his spouse and getting Medicaid as well. Does anyone have any information on this.

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