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    My brother and I are just starting the application process for A and A and are finding this website so helpful. We are gathering the appropriate documents and plan to apply ASAP since our dad is in Hospice care and my 86 year old mom cannot be the full time caregiver. (None of the children live nearby). We will need supplemental home care in addition to hospice or put my father in a nursing home. Currently we are tag-teaming to help her but this is not sustainable.

    Do the discharge papers and marriage certificate need to be the original documents? I have the originals but wondered if I can send a copy so that they don't get lost in the shuffle. Luckily my dad still has his papers after all these years and I did not have to apply for them. (He served in both WWII and the Korean Conflict).

    Has anyone applied while the veteran is under hospice care? I would be interested in your experience. I know things will change should my father pass way before the application process is completed and processes, but I feel we need to try.

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    I think this question was answered in another posting, but in the event not, do not send original documents. Send "certified" copies.

    a veteran on Hospice care who is nearing end of life is entitled to expedited processing. You would want to note this with the application.

    I hope it all works out for you in time for your Dad.
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    How do I get a "certified" copy?
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    Link to order cert copy is in that article.
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    I actually just today went down to the County Clerk's office and was able to get the certified copy immediately. It helped I had the original with the book number and page right on it. My Dad's WWII discharge papers were there but it looks like he never registered his Korean Conflict papers with the Clerk so I was unable to get a certified copy of those. I will still make a copy and send along with the other papers.

    I can assume since I am just filing for my dad I do not need to include my parents marriage certificate? I may need to later if I need to apply for my mom, but I was not planning on putting it with my application for my dad. I hope that is correct!
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    Good news on the copy for you.

    If only Dad needs care now, then you are filing for just him, but you do want to show that he is married, but since you are not filing for both vet and spouse, you do not need to include a copy of the marriage license.
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    Thanks so much, Vetadmin! I ended up also requesting online for my Dad's Korean Conflict registered papers. It can't hurt to have them. Faxed in the signature, so hopefully will be fast.
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    You're welcome!

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