is pension only for that month's expenses?

Discussion in 'Expenses' started by ForMyDad, May 6, 2015.

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    The monthly expenses are almost $6000. If he goes into hospital is he entitled for his pension that month? Last month's expenses were three times the pension, but if he's in hospital, less days at home. What is the procedure. Do not want to do anything wrong. Thanks
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    Hospital stays would not be considered a re-occurring monthly expense. If he is only in for a short stay, then you would just want to continue paying his facility, caregiver during that short break.
    With a short stay, there would be no need to notify the VA.

    If his time in the hospital is longer, as long as you continue to pay his regular monthly expenses, I would leave things alone. The last thing you want is for the VA to stop or reduce the pension, and then have to fight and wait to get it reinstated.
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    You are right. They figure it out themselves very quickly. Letter lowering amount shows up after first 30 days and it will go to $90 if in there 3 months. Normally he's home after 3-6 weeks recovery. I don't have a problem with this if his care is being covered. Was bad when they wanted to cut him off and he was paying over $7,000 month to skilled care with income of $1,000. Lots more paperwork there.

    They have no problem with timely response to this all on their own, but can not respond to dad's letters/concerns/past due month for years.

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