How to break down family caregiver pay.

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    Posted another area, thought maybe here also. I am going to split my mother in laws care between me and ALF. She is there now but wants to be here also. It looks to be the best of both worlds. She receives the full award. Where I need help is figuring out how much to charge. I know it has been posted to call local caregiver agencies to see the going rate, but I don't know how many hours I should claim. How do you break it down per day, dressing, medications, bathing, feeding, overseeing that she doesn't wonder off and get lost(day and night). I guess what throws me is it must medical. I am at a loss.

    Looking for input, I have had her here two months trying the arrangement out, looks like a good fit. I need to notify here ALF of the change, as it stands she has been paying the whole bill why we made sure it would work for us. Thanks again for any advice.

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