How long for release of retroactive payment?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AC185, Sep 28, 2012.

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    We have made it through the process, appointed a fiduciary and have been awaiting the release of the retroactive payment. We met with the field examiner on 6/8/12 and have a letter dated 6/11/12 from the VA approving the funds. We were told to expect the funds within 90 days. Is there a time limit on when they should be released? Needless to say, when we can get through to the VA, we get the runaround. Today they told us it would be another two weeks and to call back if we don't have them in that time frame.

    Thank you to Debbie and others on this site. It has been the only reliable information we have received on this journey. Good luck to everyone trying to help a deserving Vet and/or their families.
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    Well congratulations are in order, and I'm happy to have been able to help!

    Wait the couple of weeks and if not received, call them back. Please come back and let us know the final outcome of it all.
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    Ah, our experience has been entirely different.
    Rcvd approval of A&A benefit claim on June 11, 2012 after filing Sept 09, 2011. There were no issues brought up during the application process that would have contributed to any processing delay. In the end, only the intervention of our local congressman triggered the approval. Note that the claimant, my mother, is 97 years old and has lived in an assisted living community due to need for the past four years.

    Mom has progressive dementia and truly cannot handle her financial affairs. Retrocative funds, totalling 9 months of benefits have been withheld pending appointment of fiduciary. There was never any debate on the incompetency so a WAIVER OF DUE PROCESS was filed two weeks after the June 11 decision letter in order to avert the 60 day "waiting period" imposed by the VA. The Waiver should have triggered action to immediately appoint a fiduciary. It did not. The waiver was ignored.

    As a follow up after no action by the VA in appointment to fiduciary, placed phone call on August 18th...five days after the imposed 60 day waiting period. Was told that the the Rating Board upheld the incompetency status. Why wouldn't they, we didn't object?.... and that a letter would follow within 11 calendar days stating such and triggering action to appoint a fiduciary. The claim would then move to the
    fiduciary section for interview scheduling. No letter arrived from VA in August.

    In mid-September called again for status and was told the claim was not moved to fiduciary unit but is awaiting approval and review by a supervisor. Was told this is customary procedure. A new, and previously unknown "wrinkle". Advised why the waiver was not recognized and why hardship evidence sent to VA in June with Waiver did not trigger expedited handling. Was told that the documentation is in fact in the file but was ignored. A case action file was opened and assigned 12 digit number for tracking. Advised to call back in two weeks./ October 1 to check on status.

    Called October 2, to Philadelphia office 877-294-6380. I urge everyone who has 20 minutes to kill to call this number. One is first asked to select english or spanish. On selecting english you are treated to a long dissertation on the need for a 21-0845 if you are not the original claimant and wish to obtain info on a claim. This is a LONG dissertation. You are not given the option of a prompt to weed out those who are not original claimants, nope all of us get it. Them after you are finished with the english dissertation you automatically get to hear the entire diatribe over again in Spanish !! After wading through this interminable wastee of time you hang on hoping that the next action will be to send your call to a CSR. will receive a message stating that the VA cannot process your call at this time and then an immediate disconnect...No, "we are busy lets go to an automated reschedule menu" as before. Nope. just a hang up and a "try again later". Yes, I went through the process twice with the same result.

    I am dumbfounded.

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    The VA at its finest!

    What I don't understand is how there is no public outcry with demands that our veterans and their family deserve a better system than this.

    Anyone with media contacts, let me know. Have tried everything I know to get this featured for a segment along with all the other hoops the VA has veterans jump through.
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    It's tragic but I fear that there has been so much in the media, over the years, that the incompetency of the VA is legendary and no longer "news". Having said that, if you can come up with a new slant on VA disregard for veterans and their families....something, sad to say, that is specific and pulls at the heart..then there is hope for media attention. I do have long-time friends and colleagues in the media, both at FOX NEWS and CBS NEWS. I'd tap them, if I could offer them something with unusual impact. Sad to say, news is a business these days, not a public service
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    Sending you a private message. Thanks for the offer.
  7. Peace

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    I had a similar situation and only had results after contacting my Senator. Hope it works for you.
  8. Max

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    This is what happens when VA loses 5% of its claims processors, the workload increases by 10%, and the federal hiring freeze won't even allow them to replace the 5% lost to attrition. Add to that that older claims are more complex than newer claims and it makes a lot of sense why VA's service is sub-par.
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    No question that funding and resources are short-changed for the VA, and again there should be a public outcry that out of all the agencies, the VA should have everyone's attention and support!
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    I just recently had to contact my Senator again.

    This file goes back to April 2010.

    1. Started receiving A&A in October 2011.
    2. I was appointed fiduciary in mid May 2012.
    3. All of the requested information that VA asked and required was in as of mid July 2012.
    4. Retro pay was approved to be released in late August 2012.
    5. Talked with VA rep in early September 2012 and said paperwork had been signed by a manager for release. 6. Contacted my Senator Oct. 19, 2012 and received response on Oct. 27, 2012 with a letter attached from VA that they are checking into the inquiry.

    I am a very patient person and I am always pleasant to the VA reps. However, something needs to be done.

    I know if I have gone through this long process I know others have also.
    I hear that there are other vets that started the filing process for A&A but got so frustrated that they said to forget it. They did not want the hassle. I feel so bad for all vets but my heart goes out to WWII because they really need someone to be an advocate for them.

    WWII VET *86 years old

    It is morally wrong for Vets that qualify through VA for financial support and it takes over a year or 2 to receive benefits. I am sorry that is wrong. I related this to my Senator.


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