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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrianLife, Jan 26, 2008.

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    I apologise that this topic is not, strictly speaking, directly related to A&A but I need help with one area of the Health Benefits Renewal Form (VA Form 10-10EZR). On Page 3 in Section II (Insurance Information), block 10 asks for "Medicare Claim Number." I think that also "(If Any)" should be added to that block but I'm not sure. I have all of my Mom's other info. but to the best of my knowledge we do not have an open Medicare claim, although she has been eligible for Medicare Parts A & B since 1989. What should I put in this block? Are there any other sources for help?

    Thanks so much for looking. :)
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    Is your Mother a veteran?

    Since this form is for ‘renewal’, I would assume the VA Medical Center would have this information in their system. If you leave it blank, they may send it back for completion. Just so they know that you did not just over-look the question; I would suggest inserting ‘unknown’. I am sure that at the next appointment, the records will be marked for this information if it is needed.
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    Yes, she was a WAC.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to try and call the VA once more and see what they say. I suppose I could also contact Medicare.
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    I just called Medicare and they said to write my mom's Medicare # (which is her claim #) in the block. The Medicare # is her SSN followed by an alpha code.
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    Thank you for sharing that info with us. We can all contribute something that can help others. Thanks again.

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