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  1. Twinstoo

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    How will this present government 'shutdown' affect veteran's pensions and also those who are awaiting their A & A acceptance? It's been almost a year since mom filed and we were so hoping for a decision soon. Thank you.
  2. vetadmin

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    The affects are major, and sadly are going to cause an even greater backlog, so suggest being prepared for that. Sorry!
  3. Twinstoo

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    On Saturday, October 12, I was surprised to receive mother's acceptance letter in the mail. Being appointed Fiduciary will soon follow this. We filed last November, 2012. Thank God for the Milwaukee office. They're professional and communication has been great with them. Mother got the top thankful to everyone on this site for helping us along the way. I encourage everyone to donate to this worthy website that helps veterans and their spouses.
  4. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    AWESOME!!!!! So happy and glad for you.

    Thanks for sharing and appreciating our efforts.

  5. lindalouky

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    Congratulations, Twinstoo!! I am so happy you got your letter--I felt guilty that we got ours first since you applied before we did. Let's keep our fingers crossed for 11/1!!
  6. Houyhnhnm

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    I read somewhere that claims workers were not furloughed but overtime was stopped, so the backlog of late claims grew. I'm sorry I can't give you a citation, my brain is totally overloaded.

    I recieved a couple of routine acknowledgements in the mail from VA A&A program during the shutdown, so someone was at least opening mail, running automated letters, and stuffing envelopes.

    Good luck,


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