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    What an unbelievably helpful resource this website has been in my preparation to file a Death Claim for my 93 year-old mother who is in a secure memory-care assisted living facility since last September.

    On the 21P-8416 Medical Expense Report Form, Item #21 it states: "Report medical expenses that you paid between the dates ___ and ___. If no dates appear on this line, refer to the accompanying letter or Eligibility Verification Report for the dates you should report medical expenses."

    1. Specifically what dates does this refer to?
    2. In the columns provided for "Itemization of Medical Expenses", how should I reflect her "monthly" medical expenses, for example -- Medicare Part B expense of $104.90 underneath Column "C" Date Paid (Month/Day/Year)? Is this form referencing just the single most recent month's expenses

    3. I've noted several references to also sending a list of all doctors and hospitals visited in the last year. Is there a preferred way of presenting this information or simply attach it as supporting documentation?

    I am so grateful for the assistance this website provides. 6 years ago, I carefully followed your advice when filing a claim for A/A for my father and received an award notice within 6 weeks. He was a resident in a NH in North Carolina and at that time I was advised to send his claim to a VA Regional Office in Winston-Salem, NC. However, it appears that for a NC claim to be processed now, I should send the materials to the Philadelphia office. Correct?

    Thank you again for all the assistance you provide.
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    Just list the current monthly amounts, and you don't need to send reports/statements from all her Dr. Just her primary to complete the VA 21-2680.

    Glad you have found the site and forums helpful, and good luck with the process.

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