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    With both parents being veteran's, the VA "shaft" does not recognize gender.
    Having bought VA law books and read them, my dad was denied all benefits having an honorable discharge. My mother had a medical discharged. After my dad passed away in a VA hospital, my mother only saw a $5.00 monthly pension check. I heard that the VA maintains payroll to employees thru denying cash benifits. I calculated accrued unpaid benefits close to $60,000.00 when my dad died. What a fabulous system, but don't get hurt or injured while on active duty.
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    I think this was posed in another section as well. but i will state the same - VA benefits are governed by LAWS. if you dont like the laws, then talk to your congressman/senator. benefits are denied for various reasons. for example, pension benefits are an income based benefit. if your income is over the limit, deny. the limit is approved by congress. etc. etc

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