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    I mailed a 46-page filing for my Dad's A&A benefit 12/12/08. To my delight, we got an almost immediate notice that they had received the application, and gave us a file number. This arrived before Christmas !

    Then January 6th we received a detailed letter (from St. Paul, Mn office, why I can't imagine, since we live in California) listing all the things we had already submitted, with detailed list of exactly what information was missing. Turns out my proof of expenses for in-home caregivers wasn't on the proper form. Well this we can provide. Friday I visited both the 'weekend' caregiver office and the 'weekday' caregiver office and compelled them to fill out and sign the required forms.

    I'm very encouraged. Somebody carefully reviewed our submission and responded only weeks after I mailed it in. Is this normal?

    Thanks for any clarification.

    Chick Lewis
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    Looks like the New Year is off to a good start for you and your dad! If you have read through the postings on this forum, you will know that this is NOT how things generally go. Most folks have the experience of "hurry up and wait". You are very fortunate indeed and should count this as a blessing.

    We hope that the rest of the application process with go as smoothly and hope you will keep us posted with updates.
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    I was wondering what is the proper form????

    "Turns out my proof of expenses for in-home caregivers wasn't on the proper form..."

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