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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Navydaughter, Jan 30, 2013.

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    I applied for Aid and Attendance for my mom in Sept. She is 84, in assisted living and a 16 year vet of the Navy. She had been very healthy until last May and then it has been one issue after another. I had been checking on the VA ebenefits site and it never changed. I finally got someone on the phone last week. They said it had just gone for "rating" and we should have a decision in the next 2 weeks. Today when I got on, I saw it had moved to "notification sent" and it had the message I put in the title. I am really upset as to me it looks like she is going to be denied. The attorneys we worked with were so thorough. Has anyone seen this message before?

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    E-benefits is not always the most reliable source.

    Wait until you get the letter, and then let us know the decision. If it is a denial, DO NOT appeal the decision. You would use VA form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim depending on the reason for denial if that is the case. Let's hope not.
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    Thank you, that makes me feel a little better. My mom is proud of her service and so am I but she laughs when I tell her we are going to get this for her. She was forced out after 16 year when she got pregnant with me and now we find out some of her health issues could be related to having been stationed at Camp Lejeune for 3 years with the toxic water supply. So she doesn't really feel like she has had the best luck when it comes to the Navy and doesn't believe they will ever come through.
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    It may not mean a denial. My father was approved in July and his claim status showed (still shows) that the notification letter has been sent, denial is possible. I think that may be just part of the standard message when the notification letter is sent. Or it may refer to his ability to appeal his decelaration of incompetency. Who knows?
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    That is just standard wording. They say that in very case,wait to get the letter.
  6. You can find out your monthly amount this way, once you hit the "Decision Made" stage:

    -- Log into ebenefits.
    --At the top (light blue), hover over "Access My Documents."
    --Click on "Download VA Letters" under "General" heading.
    --Under Step 2, click on "Benefit Verification."

    It is technically a letter that you can print out to show what you will be getting. (Note that this can change--your actual notification letter will have more details.) I just use it to check on the status to see what they are doing to the monthly amount. :)

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    Although I originally submitted in 2003...here is my current status.

    08/28/2006 Local VA Office Decision RO
    11/27/2006 Notice of Disagreement (NOD) RO
    02/15/2007 Appeal Pending BVA
    05/19/2008 Statement of the Case (SOC) RO
    06/30/2008 Substantive Appeal (Form 9) RO
    11/05/2012 Certification of Appeal RO
    01/11/2013 Received by BVA BVA
    01/11/2013 Administrative Case Processing BVA
    01/11/2013 With VLJ BVA
    01/14/2013 With VSO BVA
    03/20/2013 With VLJ BVA
    03/20/2013 With VLJ BVA
    03/29/2013 With VLJ BVA
    04/06/2013 Pending Dispatch BVA
    04/10/2013 Decision & Claims File Dispatch BVA
    How long after a decision is made does it take to show up on the Benefits Verification site on Ebenefits??
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    We can't really say how long it may take, and the e-benefits site does not always have the most accurate information.

    Sure hope you hear something SOON!

    PETEMEL Newbie

    After such a long battle, the VA has still denied my appeal.
    I received paperwork on what I could do next. I had the DAV represent me,
    I'm wondering if I should try to contact another agency or keep
    With the DAV. Any suggestions?
  10. vetadmin

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    I am sending you a private message for a suggested contact for help in reviewing your situation.

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